Lancaster Energy Program Helps More Than 130 Small Businesses Save Money, Save Energy

Post Date:02/06/2020 3:28 PM

Changing LED LightbulbThe first phase of Lancaster Energy’s (LCE) Small Commercial Direct Install program is off to a great start, helping 138 local businesses save almost 2 million kilowatt-hours of energy.

“As a local community choice aggregator, LCE enables us to reinvest in our community,” said Mayor R. Rex Parris. “The opportunity to provide money-saving programs such as these to locally owned, mom-and-pop businesses, as well as local residents, is a big part of why Lancaster chose to establish its own CCA – in addition to creating a more sustainable environment for generations of residents to come. We are proud to offer this no-cost program to support our small local businesses. Not only will businesses use less energy and reduce their carbon footprint with the installation of energy efficiency measures, they will also realize a decrease in energy costs.”

In April 2019, LCE launched its Small Commercial Direct Install Program. This program, funded with $1.2 million from Southern California Edison at the instruction of the California Public Utilities Commission, offers local businesses free energy efficiency consultations and equipment upgrades and installations.

The first two phases of the program provided 12,456 installations of measures that will save the participating businesses a total of 1,853,170 kilowatt-hours over the lifecycle of the elements. These installations will help businesses significantly lower their electricity bills and operate more sustainably.

“Our energy costs have gone down about 50 percent since Lancaster Energy installed the new energy-efficient LED lights,” said Crazy Otto’s Diner Co-Owner Joe Acosta. “The brighter lighting from the new LED lights has also increased nighttime visibility in our diner’s parking lot.”

The Direct Install Program, a component of LCE’s Energy Efficiency Program Plan, offers local businesses free energy-efficiency equipment including LED lights, solar film and occupancy sensors. LCE has engaged FESS Energy Solutions to evaluate local business facilities and identify energy-saving opportunities. Upon business approval, FESS provides equipment installation at no cost.

“As a small business, it’s important to save money wherever you can, so I was really happy when the Direct Install Program was announced,” said The Mercantile owner Janet DePreter. “I’ve been tracking my energy bill and we’re already saving between $125 and $200 per month. Not only do we save on energy costs, but these lights are brighter and don’t create as much heat like the old fluorescent bulbs.”

While funds for the current phase have been exhausted, the Small Commercial Direct Install Program will be available again in a few weeks when the next phase launches. To learn more, please visit or call 626-308-3000.